About the Book


Wavers & Beggars

The real power in life is not what happens to us, but rather how we respond to the circumstances we face… a choice of love or fear.

Wavers & Beggars is a heartfelt dive into the consciousness of poverty in our world today. It is both a personal and collective view of the mindset that perpetuates a struggling and suffering life or one that inspires a new and fresh breath of hope, dignity, and oneness. Imagine being able to envision beyond what’s currently being seen, listen beyond what’s currently being said, and choose beyond the catastrophic consequences that we as humankind are individually and globally facing.

Wavers & Beggars is a loving and compassionate look in the mirror.


Review from Amazon

By Jay Lewis Allchin

Why is it you and I have such a comfortable life while millions in other parts of the planet, or even around the corner, do not…? More importantly, what can you and I do to help this huge divide?

Is it even bridgeable? The answer according to Dr Bruhl and Todd Love Ball is YES. And it actually might be easier than we think. The authors’ reasoning and approaches toward addressing and ultimately solving poverty are logical and well thought out. And not every possible solution requires climbing a mountain, we learn in Wavers and Beggars.

Readers interested in lives of inequality & poverty and/or in Dr Bruhl’s call to help are certain to enjoy this book. Well, perhaps not always ‘enjoy’, hard hitting as much of the book is. But you will certainly react emotionally. There is a lot to like—and react to—here. Each chapter presents a summary/discussion section that will make you stop and consider your lifestyle.

The authors’ feelings, passion, and honesty all shine through. It’s a book about their experiences, yes… but it’s the call to action that’s front and center here. Yet, while this is a factual book, the prose and narrative are extremely accessible. Dotting surprising and shocking facts & figures throughout the pages that really do make you think, the book is full of engaging stories and experiences that pack punches and run the gamut of emotions. Stories of the past, stories of the shocking present, and the even more shocking future.

I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of this, and I found the research to be good, which, together with the emotion and the call to action, all go into to making up a powerful message and a highly engaging read. I loved it, really.